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Yoga Girl

From influencer to global brand


Rachel Brathen,  the influencer  behind the phenomenon Yoga Girl, started out by posting photos of her life as a yoga instructor on social media. Before long, Rachel’s message and mission resonated online and her followers grew to number in the hundreds of thousands, and onwards to the millions who embrace her various channels today. It's her determination to change the world for the better that spurred Rachel to take the worldwide Yoga Girl movement to the next level.


With a belief in the power of co-operation, a multi-channel platform was created that brought a community, a yoga academy, new retail products and a recently launched charity foundation all under the same roof. The purpose was to spread the message, grow the community and give others the strength to embark on their own personal journeys with yoga being the main tool. Together with Yoga Girl, Planeta Design developed the concept and motto for the brand: “Everyone can be a Yoga Girl” - an inclusive ethos that defines the Yoga Girl community.


During 2017-18 Yoga Girl and Planeta Design developed an international brand, designed and released products, created customised content and took the first steps in building an online educational platform which is to be marketed internationally but with a focus on the US.

Identity Platform, Brand Strategy, New Product Development Strategy, Launch Strategy, Advertising, Social Media Content, Merchandise, E-com Packaging, Product Packaging, Hangtags, Newsletter Design, Stationery, Educational Material, Animation, Motion Identity, Yoga Girl Foundation Identity.

New Product Development, New Product Packaging, Book Cover Design, Web Development, Educational Material.


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To create a digital world
Case: Digital

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenns Digital World


Since 1924, the Svenskt Tenn furniture brand has spread its unique gospel from its fashionable store – the only one there is – at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm, Sweden. With its very own eclectic interior philosophy, it has cut its own niche, both in Sweden and internationally.

The store is a carefully orchestrated venue where the clients meet the rich, wide range of Svenskt Tenn products in the flesh, arranged in a home like way, with plenty of warmth – something which is underscored by the prompt and considerate service.


In 2016, the Svenskt Tenn gave Planeta Design a challenge above the normal: Recreate the experience from the store, on the world wide web.

With an overall goal to strengthen the brand and increase sales in the long term, we decided to create a generous and eclectic digital world that could harbour all the different objectives of Svenskt Tenn. Apart from giving the customer the opportunity to buy online, it should also educate its visitors and nurture the Svenskt Tenn legacy.


The result is a website dedicated to products and the craft that creates them. Just like in the store, furnished environments inspire, and a multitude of images of each product assist the visitor in envisioning the product in real life, as well as conveying the craftmanship and the quality of the product.

The Svenskt Tenn store is an ever changing venue. And so is With the help of a wide array of different modules, the editor can give each piece of content a different design on the page. This versatility both ensures that the Svenskt Tenn experience stays dynamic and that every content piece gets the space and prominence that it deserves.
The website is of course responsive, and so is the customer service available through the site, a team of Svenskt Tenn employees that has grown distinctly since the website launch and who’s role become more and more crucial for every day that goes by.

Four months after the launch, the numbers are explicit:
The number of visitors to the website has increased by 19 percent. The revenue from the website has increased 20 percent.

Isn’t that a great argument for design as a business tool?


After four months:


Unique visitors


Website revenue

Case: revitalizing an agile brand

Dirty Linen

Impeccably decadent bed linen and stuff


Dirty Linen is a Swedish premium-quality lifestyle brand offering luxury bed linen with a modern, urban twist. They wanted to revolutionise the bed linen market, since “your bed is a far too exciting place to be made with conventional (read boring) bed linen – we embrace nonconformity and freedom”.


The strategy from start was to build an international, fashion-influenced brand, and we worked extensively on brand identity, packaging, product communication and advertising to make it happen. Add awareness regarding sustainability, and what’s there not to like? Or as they put it themselves: “with linen you can finally pair your dirty mind with a clean conscience.”


The results came not long after; only three years later, Dirty Linen is present in four Nordic markets with over 80 retail outlets and continues to grow its strong brand offering.


Established in 4 nordic countries


Retail markets


The most PR savvy bed linen brand