Min Pappa Marianne

Planeta proudly presents Nordisk Film, our latest client. Their latest big production is the important “Min Pappa Marianne” and together with the good people at Nordisk Film we had the pleasure to develop the Key Art.

“The film “Min Pappa Marianne” is a warm feel-good story about the courage to be yourself and the happiness that stems from being loved for who you really are. Planeta Design has developed Key Art that skillfully reflects the film. It’s been a fun collaboration and now we’re looking forward to the Swedish release, the 21st of February, with excitement. Starring in the film we find, among others, Rolf Lassgård, Hedda Stiernstedt, Lena Endre och Nour El Refai. Direction by Mårten Klingberg. The film is distributed in the Nordic region by Nordisk Film.” – Pia Norström, Marketing Director, Nordisk Film

Enter to Win Movie Tickets
We’re giving away movie tickets for “Min Pappa Marianne”. You enter the raffle by writing us a line about the person you want to accompany you to the viewing. Mail this to anna.jandler@planetadesign.se, 22nd of January at the latest. We’ll draw some lucky winners who will get 2 tickets each. The tickets will be posted to the winner before the premiere.

See more here and watch the trailer!