Svenskt Tenn’s Thommy Bindefeld on Recreating a Unique Store Experience Online

Thommy Bindefeld is head of marketing at the legendary Swedish interior store, Svenskt Tenn, situated by the water on Strandvägen in Stockholm. The store is as famous as its founder, Estrid Ericson, and its most profiled designer, Austrian-born architect Josef Frank. Together, they took Swedish functionalism and infused it with a warmer, more colorful sense, creating a new and highly profiled design style (as well as focusing on product quality and artfulness) that is still at the core of the store’s product range today.


Quality and richness is often communicated through tactile senses, as in the feeling of a fabric against your fingertips or the weight of a sculpture. Transferring this to the World Wide Web sounds like quite a challenge – but it is a challenge that Svenskt Tenn has conquered.

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